Analysis Of The Book ' The On Mortal Kombat ' By Kevin Wilson

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In the stories that author Kevin Wilson wrote in “Tunneling to the Center of the Earth,” several characters are ruled by fear. The fear that these characters have eventually winded up having a solution or solve that helps resolve their fears. Fear is defined as: "a feeling of agitation or anxiety caused by the presence or imminence of danger. An example of fear in one of the stories is Leonard in “Blowing up on the Spot,” because he fears death and it controls and restricts his life. Towards the end of that story, Leonard finds his resolve of having that fear. The type of things that can lead to resolutions of fear is epiphanies. In his short story, Mortal Kombat to boys was facing a fear like no other. In his short story called “Mortal Kombat” the boys Scotty and Wynn are best friends and they both have this fear of accepting they are falling for one another. In Kevin Wilsons short story, “Mortal Kombat” the narrator says, “It is simple and awkward at the same time, the way they proceed. There is only the quickness of movement, the instinctive responses of the body. It feels like fighting; that is what runs through both of their minds. It lasts all of two minutes, maybe less.” (76). The kiss made them realize they are maybe attracted to eachother and their feelings couldn’t fight what they were feeling anymore. This fear that each of them show towards the situation puts a restriction on their life for awhile. The thoughts that are going thru scotty head while he is raking…
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