Analysis Of The Book ' The One '

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The One is filled with at least one secret of every character you have met in the previous chapter. Not only this book but the entire series is engaging as every page as a new secret revealed about one of the characters. This book is a type of book that you will be reading and think about every moment of your life.This book does not just have the final decision of the selection, but it also includes the secret behind how Illéa was found by Gregory Illéa. Also his personal diaries are relieved to America which continuously helps her on surviving the selection, and helps her in gaining trust of the people of Illéa but it also creates problems between her and Maxon 's relationship. Did we mention how America actually went from being to least…show more content…
The author did make sure that just like America is the favorite of Maxon even this book would become the new favorite of the readers.For boys the first book, The Selection is written from both Maxon 's and Aspen 's perspective which will intrigue them into reading a book from a boy 's perspective, as most of the princess books are all about a happy ending, and crown, but not this one. From the previous two book you would have got an image on how Kris is as a character, but this book will change your perspective on her and King Clarkson. The One is all about the everyone 's opinion and standing up to the expectations of Illéa, as the country is going through a rough time where both the southern rebels are continuously attacking, but this time it is worse than what you have read in the previous two books. This book will meet the expectations of each reader on whether you prefer fiction or nonfiction, Science fiction or histprial fictions. This book can be catorigized into any genre. Although The One is a fiction book, it is written as a nonfiction way as it might be the future for the United States. The US might owe a lot of money to China, and be debt causing a hero to take over the country making the country start all over again. In the past we had monarchy, and we still have it in some countries like; Bhutan. The future might not be exactly as Kiera
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