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The Ouija Board The country in Maine is a bluster, a sharp knife, a muddy puddle, a breeze, a frozen lake, a smell in the air, a loud noise. Maine is fields of grass and deer and trees and cold, an endless barren snowscape with howling winds and hard hail, an unstoppable force relentlessly pounding its fists into the earth and trees, suspending all life, and letting the universe take a deep breath. The countryside, however, can also be a mild, gentle fun place for boys and girls to play in the long grass and climb the trees in their yards. One of those boys, was named Al and he loved getting outside and having an adventure. Albert Sampson was a kind, quiet boy who lived in the country in Maine. There were few houses nearby, and therefore…show more content…
“Where have you been, Albert?” She asked disapprovingly. Rachel didn’t like the idea of her son wandering off while she wasn’t there. She understood, however, that boys had to be boys and thus allowed his wandering. “Oh, just a usual walk”, he said nervously, not wanting his mother to fear for him. “Well, clean up and get ready for bed” She replied, washing vegetables in the basin and lighting a fire under the soup. After hearing that scream come from the house on the hill, Al was too scared to venture far for quite a while. He would however, often pear into the distance and try to see the house, perched atop that hill. All this was when Al was only 8 years old. Now, being 13 and in seventh grade, he got brave enough to wander over near to that house again. This time, it was different. The house still didn’t have any smoke from the chimney, but there weren’t any cars in the driveway or anything indicating that people were living there. He mustered the courage to go nearer, and observe it more. When Al was just outside the garage, he saw the face of a girl, about his age, watching him from an upstairs window. She appeared about his age, though it was hard to tell as she disappeared almost immediately. Al wondered what he should do, and decided to knock on the door. He never had a lot of friends, and thought it would be interesting to try

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