Analysis Of The Book ' The Outsiders ' By Bys.e Hinton

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Nowadays, even though our society is less stereotypical, people are still classified into groups based on wealth or others, this could create conflict between groups. In the book, The Outsiders, written by S.E Hinton, the Socs are a high class based on people’s wealth, and the Greasers are a lower class because this group has a very low level in money. The characters should not be classified and placed into specific social groups because different classes can lead to conflict between people, cause depression and anger. There are three main points to support this argument. Firstly, Dally decides to kill himself because of his fearful struggles on the social groups and the death of Johnny. Secondly, Randy has no more force to fight with the Greasers because Johnny killed his best buddy, Bob. Thirdly, the Socs and Greasers are dissimilar social groups with different classes, this may result in battles between each other. First of all, Dally will be discussed about the conflicts he suffered.

To start off, Dally kills himself because of the conflicts between the two groups and the death of Johnny. Firstly, Ponyboy and Johnny left to hide in the church from the Socs due to a violent incident between the groups. When the church catches on fire, Johnny saves numerous children who are trapped inside. Unfortunately, Johnny’s back is badly injured and later dies in the hospital. These events that lead to the death of Johnny can cause depression to the Gang, specially Dally, since he…

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