Analysis Of The Book ' The Palace '

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For several weeks, Proserpina had stayed with King Pluto in his palace. She spent most of her days ogling his tremendous rose gardens. She loved picking the roses and finding the small white pearl that lay within the rare ones. Red roses were her favourite, their lush, bright petals never drooping or falling, and in some circumstances, they smelled sweeter than any of the other roses. Proserpina’s favourite rose of all, however, was one made entirely of rubies and emeralds. The red rubies made up the petals and the emeralds became the stem and a leaf. It was kept inside of a large glass case, where only its beauty was allowed. Every morning after Pluto brought Proserpina to his castle, he would hear her wake up in the early hours of the day, right when the sun began to rise, and watch her pick flowers through his large window overlooking his land. He was lucky that she did not know who he was, the God of the Underworld, she only thought he was the king of diamonds and stones. Pluto had a plan, once he got her to eat something, she would be trapped in his kingdom forever, his underworld. For now, however, he had to just watch as she deteriorated from hunger. It wasn’t that bad to be brutally honest, he’s seen much worse. Since staying there, Proserpina had vowed not to eat anything that she found, or anything that was given to her. She was afraid that if she ate anything, it would deprive her of all of her bad memories and make her forget all of her cares. Really,
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