Analysis Of The Book ' The Pursuit Of God ' By James L. Snyder

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The book of John is known for representing the best of the “mystical” thinkers. Tozer peached several sermons on the gospel of John weekly continually ministering to those who are lost. The John’s Gospel captured his heart and imagination, and he refuse to turn away from the word of God. In the book, And He Dwelt Among Us: Teachings from the Gospel of John, it is compiled and edited by James L. Snyder, but not written by Tozer. Snyder`s purpose for compiling and editing the works of Trozer was to honor Tozer`s legacy, and address a concern many Christians face regarding “spiritual boredom” . Trozer was concerned that many Christian would adopt the worldly mindset than the eternal word within them. A. W. Tozer was one of the most influential evangelical authors in the twentieth century. Trozer was a minister in the Christian and Missionary Alliance in 1919. He was the editor for the Alliance Witness in 1963. Trozer wrote the classical book, The Pursuit of God. Trozer was a profound “teacher who appreciated the mystical nature of John’s Gospel while keeping his feet on solid doctrinal ground”


The curse of spiritual boredom among the evangelical church American was the result of spiritual immaturity. “To a large degree, familiarity has brought boredom to the evangelical church, especially in American”.
In the first chapter, Tozer spends a vast amount of time discussing his views of John 1:1. Theme of this chapter implies “God has put everlasting into
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