Analysis Of The Book ' The Raisin Of The Sun '

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Title : Raisin in the Sun
Author : Lorraine Hansberry
Date of Original Publication : 3/11/1959
Novel Type : Realistic Drama Play

Point of View : The play is written in a third person point of view of the narrator.
Relationship to meaning: Being the narrator of the play, you will know the background and description of each character, the setting and mood of the stage.
Plot Structure

Exposition : The Younger family has recently lost their head of the family, Mama’s husband, and are going to be given 10,000$ from their insurance. They are an African American family in the working class that lives on the South side of Chicago and struggling with financial difficulties.

Inciting Incident : This is when the Younger family was informed that they will be getting a 10,000$ check of insurance money. This is when they all start deciding on how they could benefit from the money and beginning to take action for their dreams.

Events contributing to rising action : When the check finally arrives, Mama decides to go off on her own and paid the 3,500$ down payment to a house in Clybourne park. This really upsets Walter because he thought that he would never be able to achieve his dreams anymore since the money got spent on a new house. Mama then decides to put the rest of the remaining money into Walter’s hands for him to spend on to whatever he would want (liquor store), but only after putting 3,000$ into a savings account for Beneatha to use…
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