Analysis Of The Book ' The Round Oak ' Essay

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Items for sale at the confectionery, in addition to those listed in the centennial narrative, included over-the-counter medical and veterinary supplies, toiletries, greeting cards, knick-knacks, and holiday specific novelties. Besides attending Bill’s fireworks display on Independence Day, patrons purchased rockets, firecrackers, caps, and sparklers to enliven their family or neighborhood festivities.11 Even though Bill and Clara offered an extensive variety of merchandise, the physical size of the store placed limits on the selection. Though my grandparents sold the confectionery long before my birth, I envision and believe that the same warm and friendly atmosphere of their home also enveloped their store. According to the article in the Harris Centennial book, “The round oak became a gathering place for many to discuss weather, crops, politics, and to tell stories.”12 Before the depression era generation passed on, old-timers occasionally commented on fond recollections regarding Bill and Clara and their confectionery. In Grandpa and Grandma’s home, particularly during the serene years latter in their lives, people gathered at the round oak table in their kitchen for fellowship, coffee, and food. Bill and Clara loved company, and they came, since Clara put them at ease as a gracious hostess and Bill amused them as an accomplished, yet restrained, conversationalist. Frequently, the sheer number of guests overwhelmed the capacity of the round oak table and

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