Analysis Of The Book ' The Scarlet Letter '

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The book, The Scarlet Letter, is about the struggle three people face while trying to live their lives and find happiness. In the early 1640s, Hester has come to the small town of Boston, Massachusetts, while her husband, Chillingworth, was back in Great Britain. Hester and Arthur Dimmesdale, the town 's priest, engage in the act of adultery and have a baby girl named Pearl, though only Hester knows that Dimmesdale is the father. She has promised Dimmesdale not to give up his identity. Hester is put on display in front of the whole town to punish her, She is then put in jail with her young child for a few months and is forever made to wear a scarlet letter "A," which stands for Adultery. Hester 's husband, Roger Chillingworth, who had been captured by native American Indians on his way to New England and held in captivity for two years, escaped and entered the town of Boston. After learning of what Hester had done, Chillingworth poses as a doctor and vows to discover the identity of Hester 's partner in sin. Hester agrees to keep his true identity a secret, too. Each character in the book represents one or more philosophies including Romanticism, Reason, and Puritanism that one could adhere to in life. Romanticism focuses on the individual and preaches finding truth, Reason, involves the belief that one can use logic to solve anything and a perfect society will create perfect men, and Puritanism, where all that matters to anyone is God. In the novel, The
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