Analysis Of The Book ' The Scarlet Letter '

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This novel has a total of 24 chapters, not including the preface and an introduction. The author organizes the novel by starting the reader at the middle of the story, where Hester Prynne is in custody for adultery. Then, the author proceeds to elaborate on how and why Prynne is in her current state and continues in chronological order. In other words, Hawthorne utilizes a narrative structure where the scarlet letter, A, is an extended metaphor that symbolizes a multitude of things: adultery, sin, charity, righteousness, grace, and the danger of merely thinking symbolically. It also compares and contrasts the current states of Prynne, Arthur Dimmesdale, and Arthur Chillingworth. With this, it has a logical progression to the book’s ultimate conclusion. This section can be done in a bulleted format with brief (2-3 sentences) summaries by chapter if that works for the book.
Chapter 1: This chapter introduces a town prison, where all of the citizens are watching the next prisoner being escorted. It brings focus on the red rosebush outside the prison, which is a symbol for how Puritan life may appear appealing, but it filled with thorns and is flawed.
Chapter 2: Hawthorne introduces the protagonist, Hester Prynne, and how Puritans typically punish sinners. Although Prynne committed adultery, she is sentenced to wearing the scarlet letter, A, on every piece of clothing that she wears for the rest of her life, rather than execution. She wears the letter proudly while holding her
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