Analysis Of The Book ' The Scarlet Letter '

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From the very first chapter, the Scarlet Letter guides readers on a journey that explores the darkness of the human heart and redemption from sin. It is in the Massachusetts Bay Colony that we introduced to a trio of characters interconnected by their sins: an adulteress, a minister and a physician. The adulteress is a woman named Hester Prynne who, as punishment for her transgressions, must wear a scarlet "A" on chest and is shunned by her community. Yet, Hester 's eventual acceptance of her sin allows her to embrace her new role in society. The only light in her life, and at times the source of her despair, is her daughter Pearl. Born from the act of adultery, Pearl serves as symbol passion and human nature throughout the Scarlet Letter. Minister Arnold Dimmesdale, a spineless and cowardly man, is seen by the general population as a holy saint. Unbeknownst to the town, Dimmesdale was Hester 's lover and Pearl 's father. It is only though Hester 's encouragement and his imminent death that Dimmesdale finally finds the courage to publicly claim his sin. Seething with a desire for revenge, we have the physician and Hester 's absent husband known to the reader as Roger Chillingworth. After traveling in search for knowledge, Chillingworth returns to the colony to discover his wife 's unfaithfulness. His dream of a family soiled by adultery, Chillingworth 's quest for revenge fuels his search for Hester 's lover and his deteriorating appearance. As readers progresses
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