Analysis Of The Book ' The Secret Holocaust '

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Nonna Bannister Nonna Bannister, born September 22, 1925 in Taganrog, Russia and died August 15, 2004 in Tennessee, united states. Nonna bannister was well known for her auto biography of The Secret Holocaust Dairies: The Untold Story of Nonna Bannister. Nonna Bannister wrote these diary entries and memoirs before and after her horrific experience through the World War II German labor camp and kept hidden in a pillow. She kept her diary and experiences during the war a secret from her family, until she built the courage to tell them after emigrating to the U.S when she told them to publish it after she dies. When she died August 15, 2004 they published her book in 2009 with contributions from Denise gorge and Carolyn Tomlin. The diaries she kept as a young girl experiencing the horrors of the holocaust while learning compassion and love for everyone around her. Nonna’s writings tell the amazing tales of a Russian girl, who was born with the wealth and privileges, exposed to the concentration camp and learned the value of human life and the importance of forgiveness. Nonna father was Yengeny Lisowsky and her mother was Anna Ljaschova. Nonna never really met anyone from her father side, but she always had the feeling that her father’s family was Jewish. Her father had to change their original last name Lisowitz or Lishkowic to Lisowsky to sound even more Russian. Nonna’s mother was sent to St. Petersburg to study music (they were both students at the
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