Analysis Of The Book ' The Sergeant '

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The sergeant looked around the room quickly finding two clean towels that were lying on the floor after the cart that had held them been toppled over sometime earlier. He stuffed one directly into Miller’s wound itself, and it instantly started turning crimson. He then wrapped the other around Miller’s neck holding the first towel tight to the wound. He than took off his belt using it as a tourniquet that helped to keep the towels tight around Miller’s throat. It was the only thing he could think of that would help keep the blood loss at a minimum even though having the belt tight around Miller’s neck was now causing him to have much harder time breathing. “Alright, let’s get Miller the fuck out of here.” The sergeant…show more content…
Dr. Rachel Ackerman approached slowly, tremulously, through the door of the control room and entered the lab. She had hidden in the control room under the table that held machinery used to record data. “Are you Okay?” asked Sergeant Barnes. “Yes, I think so,” she timidly replied. “What happened in here? What was your team doing in here? What the fuck are these things?” Jamieson demanded of her. “Not now, Jamieson” Sergeant Barnes said. “Dr. Ackerman, do you know how many of these things there are?” The sergeant than asked her. “Well...” she said but then began quivering, her voice becoming barely audible as she began breaking down into intense sobs. She worked to get it together. “There were originally three test subjects... then…” she paused again not knowing how to explain what had happened next. “We… We administered an agent my husband had been working with that was theorized to help preserve and prevent cell deterioration and then… then the cadavers just… two of them… they just started moving.” “You can tell us all about what happened later. I need to know how many of these things are out there.” “I don’t know… two, I think, but then… Dr. Roberts and my husband, I…” She began to lose it again. “Alright, just take a deep breath.” said Sergeant Barnes trying to show patience. “I think we got both of them. The two that your team was working with. And, for the rest of the
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