Analysis Of The Book ' The Story We Tell '

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The significance of the title, “The Story We Tell”, in my opinion refers to the historical narrative told from the viewpoint of the victor, the White Americans. Throughout our K-12 education we often learn history from the viewpoint of the Euro-American or Whites. This creates a false truth, creating a racial hierarchy and justification for wrong doing. We often hear that history repeats itself, which as we see with the mistreatment of non-whites, this is true. We only know, what we know… we need to be taught the true history that took place from all aspects, not just from the viewpoint of the victor.
There is a long and intertwined history between America and race. As we have not only read and discussed in class, the film, “The Story We Tell”, expands upon the notion that the concept of race, much like that of America, is a recent development. Race is a social constructed concept often used to further economical and/or political gain. As we learned watching the film, race has always gone deeper than how you look, it has more to with the meaning persons assign to how you look. The words, “all men are created equal”, harvest a moral contradiction, we, a nation that takes great pride in that very foundation of equality, can also portray the idea of race in such a scale that would suppress and eliminated such a multitude of people for our own gain.
Religion and wealth we used to define status in the beginning of Colonial America. Fewer people began migrating to America
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