Analysis Of The Book ' The Strange Neighbor '

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The Strange Neighbor The train was crossing Nevada’s dry landscape on a dark and gloomy day. In the back sat a man trying to get away. He wore a dark hat and jacket. Despite his past it was unlikely the security guards would recognize him as he was a long way away from his old city. The train on was heading to the Bay Area. It was a Friday. The date was September 23rd. Jimothy left work and headed to his home in San Jose. When he pulled up in the driveway of his home, he noticed something different. The house next to his had a moving truck in front of it. He then realized he had a new neighbor moving in. Jimothy decided to wait until the next day to introduce himself for he thought the neighbor must be very busy.…show more content…
"I 'm not so sure. What if he comes home and catches us," inquired Yomofey. "We could get arrested for being in his house." "He just left," implied Jimothy. "Why don 't we go in real quick and just take a look?" "Yes, let 's go!" Lendrick said excitedly. "Ok," said Yomofey reluctantly. "I guess I 'll go." As the three walked in the door clicked behind them. Yomofey quickly turned around and and tried to turn the knob. The door wouldn 't budge. It was locked….. “Well,” said Jimothy. “I guess we 're going to have to find another way out.” The three started looking for another door, but suddenly, they realized something was very wrong. There were weapons and body bags in the garage. A sign that had fallen on the floor said a man named Carl was wanted for murder in Denver, Colorado. They then started slowly making their way to the front door to leave the house. Suddenly, they could see the man walking up the porch to the door. In the blink of an eye, they were running as fast as they could up the stairs. The man had clearly noticed them and quickly opened the door. Jimothy told them they had to hide. All of them ran into the bedroom and locked the door just in time to beat out the man who was probably named Carl. The man powerfully pounded the door a few times and then went downstairs. They waited for a few minutes. To Jimothy it fell like an hour. Suddenly, the knob turned. The man
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