Analysis Of The Book ' The Stranger ' By Albert Camus

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Natalie Comella “The Outsider”

“Life has to be given a meaning because of the obvious fact that it has no meaning.” Henry Miller
“The outsider” also commonly known as “The Stranger” is written by Albert Camus. It is a book that explores the many concepts, understandings and overall idea of human life. As my group and I take time to break down the varies aspects of the book, please take time to reflect, and understand your own meaning of human life.

Symbolism is often used to represent something of a close association or resemblance to an object or thing. In the outsider the symbols present aren’t really obvious, they are things that you put together as the book goes along.

The first and most important symbol in the book is the sun. It is often seen to be a symbol of life, power, strength and energy. But in the outsider is used to symbolize something else. The sun is the indicator to Meursault’s emotions and actions. He is constantly referring to the sun and using it in a way to express how he is feeling. “And what with the sun and the smell of leather and horse-dung from the hearse, and the smell of vanish and incense and the sleepless night I’d had, I was so tired that I could hardly see or think straight.” (Chapter one, Part one pg. 21) Meursault uses the sun as one of his excuses to his disinterest and so called tiredness at his mother’s funeral. Again when the murder of the Arab occurred he mentions

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