Analysis Of The Book ' The Stranger '

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The Characterization of Meursault in The Stranger In The Stranger, the author Albert Camus, initially portrays Meursault as a monotonous character lacking emotions toward the events surrounding his life. Meursault reflects indifference at the thought of his girlfriend 's proposal in addition to not demonstrating empathy in relation to Raymond 's abusive actions toward his girlfriend. Even so, Meursault 's character gradually develops from a detached individual to a dynamic person as secondary characters, Raymond, his neighbor; Marie, his girlfriend; and the robot-like lady, a complete stranger, enter his life. These secondary characters, assist in the progression of Meursault 's character by exposing him into events that allow him to reflect upon the situations differently compared to before. Raymond aids in Meursault 's growth of understanding friendship and loyalty while Meursault 's girlfriend, Marie, influences him through their romantic relationship(how does she influx him?. In addition, the strange little lady shows Meursault another form of living, perhaps a life he aspires to have. With these characters, Camus develops Meursault 's character from being emotionally detached to becoming dynamic, largely through the actions and dialogue of secondary characters. Through one of the secondary characters, Meursault illustrates an amoral, yet emotional side through his actions and dialogue with Raymond. For instance, Raymond describes his corrupt plan of writing his
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