Analysis Of The Book ' The Things They Carried '

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1. Birth-October 1, 1946; present 2. The things they carried was written in the late 1980 's and published in 1990. The novel acts as a response to the era it discusses by solidifying the un-generalized version of war through fictional anecdotes from the narrator and characters. The truth is never portrayed through historic context or media, and with this novel, the author was able to reciprocate the emotions felt by soldiers from the graphic scenes or actions envisioned/written. 3. Factors that influenced the author to publish this novel was partly due to his way of coping after war, using stories to keep the imagination alive and causing the audience to reflect on their own lives. Another is telling an honest view of the what war really is and how the soldiers were affected from the start of being drafted until life after the Vietnam War, trying to find their identity. 4. The novel version I used was paperback. To complete this section, I used websites for articles about O 'Brien 's biography, interviews from the author himself, and different analysis of the novel as my sources to understand the varied perspectives.
II. Diction: 1. The diction for this novel is connotative. Although his writing can be straightforward and literal, his reflection can provide varied meanings to what his ideas are. The author often changes literary devices to get his point across. In one chapter, he can be specific on the little details that depicts one 's entity and then he can take
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