Analysis Of The Book ' The Things They Carried '

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Gregory Fomin
American Literature
16 April 2015
Young, Wild, Lost
1968: The year Tim O’Brien was sent to Vietnam. We can only imagine what it might feel like to face it: being so young, having so much ahead and being sent to some place, which might be the end. Definitely scary. An absolutely new absorbing environment, new companions, new you. I guess, “scary is the new black” in a green recruits life.
The Things They Carried - is an offspring of Tim’s war experience. It is a shocking and hard-to-believe mixture of pain, love, friendship, loyalty and death. Is it true? Did the author write this book while he was high on painkillers for that butt wound, which could have also been made up? The only thing that is clear about The Things They Carried – reader cannot believe anything. O’Brien states, “I write about these things, the remembering is turned into a kind of rehappening”(Spin 30). However, that is the beauty of it. It sounds truthful that soldiers heard glee and choir on the battlefield. It is also understandable that Rat Kiley shot himself in the foot because bugs were everywhere, but necklace made of human tongues on a blond girl in innocently-looking culottes?! More Stephen King-like. Nevertheless, if we put all those amazingly unbelievable stories away, we are left with emotions. However, those emotions were supported by sceneries, noises, voices, weather and landscapes. Song Tra Bong The Quang Ngai province in Vietnam emulates a home-town in America.A…
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