Analysis Of The Book ' The Time ' By David Bergen

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The Time in Between by David Bergen tries to show a different kind of cultural understand than is usually shown within the Vietnam war narrative. Bergen tries to highlight the cultural similarities instead of the cultural differences, where there is a sense of cultural appreciation. During the Vietnam war there has often been a stigmatization towards the Vietnamese that associates them as the enemy, they are seen as the opposing other. There is often an Eurocentric view of the Vietnam war that tells the story of the white male American solider and very rarely has another perspective been represented through media and literature. The attempt to acknowledge the war from the other perspective through the Vietnamese solider is used in The Time in Between. The trauma that is often associated with the Vietnam war is seen through the lens of the white male solider, often forgetting the the symptoms of trauma were experienced by both sides. The trauma from the war becomes a bridge between the two cultures and subverts the stereotypes of the Vietnamese as being the cultural “others”. For example, the the nightmare doesn’t know the cultural boundaries between the American and the Vietnamese solider. They both suffer through the tragedy of the war in the same way, the nightmare doesn’t know the cultural boundaries. This novel is trying to reconcile the tensions between the United States and the Vietnamese from the war, through the traumatic nightmare by showing a link between the
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