Analysis Of The Book ' The Time Machine '

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Adeline G. Phillips Mr. Sanders 8th Grade Physical Science May 7, 2016 Introduction The best-selling novel, The Time Machine, is written by H.G. Wells. H.G. Wells is also known as “The Father of Science Fiction.” Wells has written many books that has influenced our vision of the future, The Time Machine, being his first and foremost novel. The Time Machine is the story of the Time Traveler who invents the machine, his adventures while traveling, and his recounting of the tale to the narrator and friends gathered in his home. Key Idea 1 The beginning of the book is very intriguing, pulling readers into the book and making them want to read more. The book begins in the Time Traveler’s home, where he and his guests are having dinner and discussing his theories about time and time travel. When the Time Traveler tells the guests he can actually do it, they are skeptical. The Time Traveler’s colleagues bombard him with protestations and thought-provoking questions. This part of the book makes the reader wonder what the outcome of time traveling might be but it is obvious that the Time Traveler wholeheartedly believes in time travel. Key Idea 2 “In a moment my hand was on the lever and I had placed a month between myself and these monsters.” What a classic, wonderfully imaginative science fiction sentence. The story is completely and utterly engrossing. The fact that the book was published in 1895 and science-lovers can still love and appreciate this book and H.G. Wells

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