Analysis Of The Book ' The Time Machine '

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In the book “The Time Machine” by H.G. Wells, the main character known as the Time Traveler travels through time and lands him in the year of 802,701 A.D and meets two groups of creatures known as the Eloi and Morlock. The Time Traveler was a scientist and discussed several theories about the future world and its creatures in an attempt to figure out what had gone wrong to push mankind back so far. Many of the Time Traveler theories point the finger of blame in the direction of the society and he blurts the words like “Capitalism” and “Communism” with disgust. Darwin’s concepts can be applied to several of the Time Travelers theories of evolution of both the Eloi and Mortlock creatures. The Eloi’s are beautiful creatures who have no sense of intelligence. The Morlock’s are ape like creatures but are intelligent when it comes to civilization. The Time Traveler notices how different humans evolved from when the Time Traveler lives. He was surprised by how evolution seemed to decrease in intelligence when he met the Eloi’s and the Morlock’s. Human evolution is important to the future. Darwin’s theory of evolution explains how the humans will evolve, how natural selection will help the people with the desired traits, and in nature organisms are limited of their ability to survive.

A part of Darwin’s theory is that how in nature you will develop the desired traits needed to survive and thrive. The Eloi live above ground and seem to have nothing to worry about in…
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