Analysis Of The Book ' The Trojan War '

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In the 13th century, a war like no other took place that shook Heaven and Earth. It was called the Trojan War. The war was cause over the young prince Paris kidnapping the queen of Greek at that time Helen. Dark force dealing with gods and kings that wanted power to ruler over the world. This would give birth to countless legends, heroes, story’s pass on throughout generations. This war would also be the first to show how to use strategy in a war like manner to overcome any odds. While visiting Greece, the young prince, of Troy Paris, fell in love with the world most beautiful woman, Helen. Upon his depart Paris decide to kidnap the queen of the Greeks, and take her with him to his homeland of Troy. Seeing this as an excellent opportunity to bring down the great wall of Troy Agamemnon decide it was best to wage war. King Menelaus, Helen husband at that time and king of Greek feel with such anger he agreed with his brother Agamemnon plan. He gave two order bring back Helen, and burn the city of Troy. This led Agamemnon to find some of Greeks greatest warriors also; he ended up seeking out the help of that man. Resting on an unknown island set a blonde hair man with blue eyes reading a letter with a confuse look on his face that man name was Achilles the half god half human son of the goddess Thetis. “Calling upon his good friend Odysseus they head out with over fifty ships, and 2,500 soldiers to bring down the great city of Troy. After Achilles arrive on Troy many battles

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