Analysis Of The Book ' The Ultimate Safari '

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Gordimer’s short story, “The Ultimate Safari” exemplifies the consequences to the daily lives of the Africans after the British took over. “The Ultimate Safari” follows a girl and her family through Kruger Park, a large national forest in Africa, to find shelter away from their home after many British officers ravaged their towns. Gordimer uses figurative language to show similarities between the animals of Kruger Park and the Africans traveling through it. These comparisons illustrate the mental and physical struggle Africans went through in animal-like conditions trying to find shelter. As they begin their journey, the leader of their trip says they “must move like animals among the animals, away from the roads, away from the white…show more content…
We were glad to think there must be such a place; away” (Gordimer 112). Her impoverished reality is illustrated by horrible conditions and a constant fear of being hurt or robbed. Gordimer reveals that the little girl does not entirely know if there could be a place different from where she is now, suggesting that the girl believes the whole world could be like this. As the story continues, the girl and her family leave for better opportunities through Kruger Park. However, as they journey through the park all of those with her begin to get sick and unresponsive, leaving her to feel responsible. Her older brother stops talking and she carries her younger brother on her back because he is too thin and weak to walk. Even her grandmother, who has been a strong leader for the whole family, becomes unemotional, “I saw flies crawling on our grandmother 's face, she didn 't brush them off, I was frightened. I picked up a palm leaf and chased them” (114). Gordimer promotes that the declining mental and physical healthy of those on the journey is representative of the devolution of the African people during the apartheid. Gordimer also describes the girl’s emotion as “frightened” to invoke remorse in the reader. The girl allows the reader to imagine the life the inferior people endured. Critics who have analyzed “The Ultimate Safari” have claimed that Gordimer’s writing suggests that the girl was created to teach British and other European
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