Analysis Of The Book ' The Vindication Of The Rights Of Women '

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Grace Washington
English IV
Treatment of Women In Frankenstein Considering the fact that her mother was a well known feminist, and the author of a book titled The Vindication of the Rights of Women it seems only logical that someone who grew up reading her writings would treat female characters fairly in their writing. However, Mary Shelley continues to defy all odds, not only defining the science fiction genre, but also by setting the common trope of waifish women getting left by the wayside in favor of the advancement of the men in the story. Throughout the book the women somehow manage to maintain their two dimensional characters, and simply allow things to happen to them as opposed to actively engaging with the
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This takes away from the tragedy in that it demonstrates her dependence on men to save her.
Further along, Justine is accused of murdering Victor’s brother when in fact it was Frankenstein’s monster. The evidence is stacked against her, and although he could prove that she did not commit the crime, Victor stays silent. This is clearly a form of an abuse of power, that results in the greatest tragedy of Justine’s life. Her death. Which is also stolen and warped to progress Victor’s character in the following chapters. She convinces Victor and Elizabeth of her innocence, but nothing is changed, and she is executed for a crime she had nothing to do with. This preventable death is what sends Victor spiraling into his depression. He spends the next couple months in mental darkness, considering suicide because of this event. His depression does raise several questions about where this guilt was when Justine still had a chances at freedom without death. He kept silent because he was afraid of being accused of being crazy, but now he’s supposed to attract pity because he regrets his choice. Fortunately for him, he does get a second chance, when his father takes him on vacation to distract from how upset he is. Some people really do live the hard life.
On the side of the monster, women play a similar role for him as well. Safie is somewhat of a respite from the constant blandness of the
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