Analysis Of The Book ' The Wild West : The Mythical Cowboy And Social Theory ``

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Old western movies are the dominant delineate style of American movies, they are a wistful tribute to the previous years of the wide-ranging, barbaric western frontier. The western landscape and nature play an important role in the development of key aspects in the films, such as the setting and relationships between the characters. These aspects are how the setting is created, the shaping of the plot, and how the movie molds the human experiences and social relationships. Many historians like Richard Slotkin believe that all these aspects are what make up old western movies. These aspects will be supported with information from Slotkin’s book “Gunfighter Nation”, Will Wright’s book “The Wild West: The Mythical Cowboy and Social Theory”, John White’s book “Westerns”, and Jane Tompkin’s book “West of Everything, The Inner life of Westerns” and various films which consist of William A. Wellman “The Ox-Bow Incident”, Fred Zinnemann “High Noon”, John Ford “The Searchers”, Sam Peckinpah “The Wild Bunch”, and Robert Altman “McCabe & Mrs.Miller”. Old western movies are one of the most classic, acquiescent, and common American genres of mythic origins. Most settings in western movies are typically set in between Mojave Desert (which was in Southeastern California, Southern Nevada, and parts of Arizona and Utah) to Texas and Mexico of the North American frontier, but not all westerns were set in the desert of the south west. In the movie “McCabe & Mrs.Miller” it takes on western
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