Analysis Of The Book ' The Year Of 1984 '

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In the supposed year of 1984 ( the main protagonist has no clue of the actual year), we meet Winston Smith, a 40-year old man , who lives in a run down and decaying part of Eurasia called Airstrip One, or where our modern day England would be located. The people in the book seem as bare and lifeless as the country, although, there is a certain quality to Winston that sets him apart from the rest of the general population, or the others he meets throughout the book; the ability to think and think freely for himself, and the main problem is the fact that this basic human right is outlawed by the Party or the system of government that runs the entire Eurasian plate. This “government” is one of sheer brutality and oppression towards its own people, where in an instance, history can be altered or erased and people can disappear to never be heard of again, but the people under its control for the most part have absolutely no idea about all of this. Instead, they live in a world apart from reality that is full of devotion to the Party, a world where they are always at war and a world where Eurasia always wins, a world where thoughts can warrant arrest, a world where there is plenty of food and clothes because the Party falsifies statistics, and a world where everyone has fervent hatred for Big Brother (the leader of Oceania, which is like the modern day U.S, and the main enemy of the party). Winston out of curiosity had decided to buy himself a journal and pen, which as we can

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