Analysis Of The Book ' Three Soldiers '

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Passos, John Dos, and Townsend Ludington. Three Soldiers. New York: Penguin, 1997. Print.
Three Soldiers, written by John Dos Passos, is a fictional war novel describing the military lives of three men, Dan Fuselli, Chris Chrisfield, and John Andrews, during World War One, between 1917 and 1919. The book describes each of these men, who stem from diverse American backgrounds, in significant detail, but John Andrews is described in the greatest detail. This is due to the fact that the author, Dos Passos, is using Andrews to describe himself and his personal encounters during the war. The men start their journey in a basic military camp where they are beginning to learn what life is like during the war. The three men make it known very quickly that they are raring to get to the front line in order to fight the Germans. The men do, eventually, make it to Germany but not before they have begun to suffer the mental effects of living in a military camp. The untimely manner in which the men travel also causes them great anxiety, because by the time the men arrive in Italy they have lost their luster to fight and have reaffirmed their positions that the war they are supposed to fight is a waste of their time. The book does not go into specifics concerning actual military battles, only military life, but it does bring to light how the effects of war and the training it requires can take a negative toll on any man’s heart, mind, and soul. And while these men do become very familiar…
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