Analysis Of The Book ' Time Travel '

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The title represents the major theme present in this novel: time travel. Henry is diagnosed with a disorder known as Chrono-Displacement, which causes him to time travel. In the novel, Henry is married to Clare, and the story is based on their love over the course of time. When Henry time travels, he cannot control when he travels or where he travels to. A side effect of time travel is that he cannot bring anything with him when he travels, so he ends up naked in strange locations. This is one of the conflicts in the novel because Henry is constantly time traveling, and, as a result, Clare is often left waiting for Henry to come home.
Henry DeTamble: Henry works at the Newberry Library in Chicago in the special collections section. He has a genetic disease (Chrono-Displacement), which causes him to time travel with no control over the destination or time. Stress causes him to time travel, so he runs every morning as a way to stay calm.
Clare Abshire: Clare is a curious and open minded young artist who has been in love with Henry since she was six years old. She is independent and strong willed. Clare spends hours working in her art studio not only because art is her passion, but because it helps her to escape her chaotic life and keep busy.
Charisse: Charisse is Clare’s best friend and roommate. Whenever Clare needs her, she is always there, as she is very loyal. Charisse is married to Gomez.
Gomez (Comrade): Gomez is good friends with Henry and Clare. He is addicted to…
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