Analysis Of The Book ' Tom Sawyer '

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Mark Twain’s book titled Tom Sawyer has great popularity. Twain is a famous American author known for his stories. 1876 is the year of publication of the book. Nevertheless, over the years there have been many editions of it. I chose the book because it is quite an interesting read since it presents the adventurous life story of a boy as he grows up. It is thus an adventurous book. His life and the manner in which he interacts with people around him are impressively demonstrated in the book. This paper is a book report on this book as authored by Mark Twain.


Adventures are a major theme in the book. It is clearly exemplified through the life of Tom and the boys whereby there are able to exposed to experiences incomparable to children their age. It crucial to note that this theme is founded on the theme of manipulation since in the absence of manipulation there would be no adventurous moments. In a manipulative way, Tom succeeds in coercing his friends to be a part of his adventurous life whereby they are able to explore life to a level that is above their age. Another theme is superstitious where the boys are able to follow the community’s belief as it will be demonstrated in the plot by visiting the grave. Among other themes in the book, social exclusion stands out as well, which is illustrated by the character of Huck whereby he does not get the opportunity to interact with other kids. Huck fends for himself due to the fact that his Muff Porter is person addicted
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