Analysis Of The Book ' Twenty Minutes Late '

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Jessica lifted her wrist to look at her watch. “Twenty minutes late…” She mumbled to herself, noting how this was not the first time Maddie, her new roommate, had made her wait. The two were getting together to establish their roommate contract. Each time they made a date, Maddie had cancelled. Each time she cancelled, Jessica just put it to the back of her mind, ignoring it. For a while she thought it was because Maddie was genuinely busy with rugby: Now she was convinced she did it to annoy her. The slam of the door brought Jessica out of her thoughts. “Practice was killer today, so let’s make this quick.” Maddie said while sitting down, throwing her rugby bag off to the side. “I got your text about wanting to talk about establishing…show more content…
Jessica drew her pen and started writing on the back of her newspaper. “I just thought we’d begin with establishing some ground rules. Like, who should take out the trash, who should do the dishes, and what items we are comfortable with sharing…” Jessica said she looked up from her notes to find Maddie still on her phone, obviously ignoring her. “I can take the trash out on Wednesday’s, Thursdays, and Sundays.” She responded absentmindedly. “As for the dishes we can just switch off every night.” Jessica’s hand moved quickly as she wrote down the days Maddie spoke of. “Yeah, that works for me.” She responded, her eyes trained on the piece of paper. “Now what about quiet hours? I have to get up for work at 6:30 AM everyday so I need my sleep. Oh, and I’m on a strict diet so I’d prefer if we could keep separate groceries.” Maddie shrugged, her thumbs worked quickly, her eyes never leaving the phone screen as she spoke. “Don’t worry, I’ll try not to interrupt your beauty hour’s, princess. Just keep your hands off my pills, I’m trying to get more swole for tryouts next spring. Are we good now? I’ve got to hit the weight room.” Maddie looks towards the door, still avoiding eye contact with Jessica. “Yeah… Sure, that works,” said Jessica hesitantly. She’s afraid to provoke Maddie because she knows of her steroid abuse. She’d hate to say anything that would trigger Maddie’s anger, so instead, she
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