Analysis Of The Book ' Twist ' Essay

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Principal Celestia sat in her office looking at her computer, the glow of the monitor boring into her soul as she restlessly looked at it hoping for stimulation. She groaned "I can 't stand this! Why did I think it was a good idea to have a high school of fucking furry faggity teenagers!? This is bullshit!" Celestia complained. She reached for a bag of chips on her desk, but they fell off into the trash "Son of a bitch." She said somberly her eyebrows twitching in restrained furry Celestia got up and walked out wandering the school halls
Miss Cheerilee was working with Twist in the science lab "Twist, give me the book bags." Cheerilee commanded reaching out expectantly for a book bag
"Yo, Miss Cheer, when do we put the cinnamon powder in?" Twist asked lazily. Cheerilee smacked Twist
Glaring in the younger girl 's eyes Cheerilee sternly told her "We, do not put cinnamon powder. We only make the purest cocaine."
"Yeah whatever, bitch." Twist rubbed her reddening face from Cheerliee 's strike. With her free hand Twist took a tortilla chip and dipped it in the pile of cocaine
Seeing this, Cheerile slapped her hand "No! We do not use our own product!"
"Making some chips huh?" They looked at the familiar voice seeing Celestia dip the chip in the cocaine and eating it "That 's pretty salty." Celestia remarked
Cheerilee was wide eyed at this "Oh fuck..." she whispered
Celestia 's eyes dilated, her body shuddering "FUCK!!!" Celestia over turned the table smashing all the equipment on
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