Analysis Of The Book ' Two Women Of Little Rock ' By David Margolick

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Back in September 1957, a picture was captured of a Elizabeth Eckford, she is a young African American girl walking past Little Rock Central High School, being constantly abused with racist comments while her friend, Hazel Bryan, follows behind her. Since then, our society has made some process with race relations and incidents like this are diminishing. Furthermore, Elizabeth possessed a lot of courage to tolerate an angry crowd when they are constantly yelling and bullying her at a young age. Although part of the angry crowd, Hazel Bryan cannot be held accountable for expressing any intentional hatred; she’s too young to understand what the right choice is and is influenced by those around her. The author of “Two Women of Little Rock” David Margolick explains he only wants to help the situation and help the racist identify what they are doing and how cruel they are being. Treating people badly or unfairly because of their race is a terrible, and it is impossible to put up with acts of hatred. When a community of people in the world ignore racially charged crimes it appears as if they are supporting acts of prejudice.
The unfair treatment that Elizabeth was forced to encounter during that single year, left a lifetime of scars that cannot be healed . Elizabeth was provoked and bullied from local students and parents at only a 15 years old. She had to have the National Guard protect her, while the constant taunts yelled at her were ignored. The worst part is
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