Analysis Of The Book ' Washington Square ' By Henry James

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The novel Washington Square written by Henry James has very distinct character relationships. Although most of the novel revolves around Catherine Slope and her will to marry Morris Townsend. I believe that the storyline also makes Dr. Sloper a key character as well because of the fact that he really opposes of their courtship and even denies Catherine her will to marry him. Many would say that Dr. Sloper is a very caring father who is only looking for his daughter’s best interest; I disagree with this statement because his character wants to have control over everything and everyone. I will prove that Dr. Sloper is an overbearing father who manipulates Catherine to do what he wants, instead of her own free will.
In the beginning of the novel we are told that Dr. Sloper is a very reputable man who has achieved many things in the field of medicine. Right away we are told of Dr. Sloper’s high achievements and makes us believe that this man is basically unstoppable. Later we find out that Dr. Sloper was married his wife was one of the prettiest women in town. After some time he and his wife had a daughter, unfortunately his wife died a week later. He would have to raise his daughter on his own. As the years went on Dr. Sloper was not pleased with his daughter, he believed that she was not as fair as her mother. After reading the first couple of paragraphs one can realize that Dr. Sloper was not too fond to have this daughter who was neither pretty nor smart according to him.…
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