Analysis Of The Book ' Watchmen ' By Alan Moore

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Watchmen by Alan Moore and illustrated by Dave Gibbons utilizes the literary tool of symbols. Symbols such as the smiley pin, clocks, and the haunting “who watches the watchmen” graffiti all come up several times in the graphic novel, thus alluding to a deeper meaning. Time is a major theme throughout the comic and plays a significant part in the structure and outcome of the story. This theme is successfully coupled to the theme of destiny by the use of the clock and other symbols that are present throughout the comic. Symbols such as clocks, the smiley pin, and the graffiti are utilized to efficiently connect the themes of time, justice and loss of innocence throughout Watchmen. The clocks in Watchmen are used to foreshadow the future events in the novel and connect the theme of morality to the theme of time. Other than the literal connection between calling themselves Watchmen and actual watches, clocks and time in general play a huge part in the arc of the comic’s storyline. Doctor Manhattan’s father was a watchmaker before learning that time is relevant and therefore useless. Jon himself finds this out through his own experience with time and seeing back and forth through it. This is particularly important because the whole reason he became a superhero is because of a watch: (Moore 4.7-8) The last thing the reader sees is Jon holding the watch before he is disintegrated by the nuclear reactor. This connects to the doomsday clock because of the similar threat of

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