Analysis Of The Book ' Watchmen ' By Dc Comics '

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Colin Ellis
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21 March 2016
Watchmen, by DC Comics, should be considered a literary work for its great use of realism and deconstruction, storytelling and subplots, and the focus on personal character development and their moral codes. Watchmen utilizes these aspects in a way that makes the reader change the way they think about their popular culture and what is valuable to them. These aspects help solidify the idea that Watchmen is the first in a new breed of comics, one in which they make the transition from fantasy to literature. It is a work that is recognized by many as a revolutionary comic series, and is even lauded as one of the best novels and most significant works of the 20th century. It has
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Now, in order to see Watchmen as a classic, you have to note its differences from some of the earlier comics, notably, Superman or Captain America. In Watchmen, the character known as the Comedian is a great contrast to both of these superheroes. Superman and Captain America are both known as goody two shoes who do everything in the name of justice and protecting civilization, and are often seen as the pinnacle that society should strive for. On the other hand, the Comedian is a nihilistic, cynical person who fights and kills without remorse and is in a way a derision of society in general. Just as Superman and Captain America believe that humanity is great, that there is good in everything and are willing to fight or die for this belief, the Comedian is a deconstructed version of this. He sees all humans as savages, and that the idea of civilization is just that, only an idea. The Comedian is essentially the antithesis to Captain America. Captain America is driven by his patriotism and works alongside the American people to protect humanity and do good by them, whereas the Comedian is driven by his love of violence, and even acting as an assassin for the President(Nixon). He basically does whatever he wants or feels is necessary. The Watchmen are Alan Moore’s take on what superheroes would actually be like in the real

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