Analysis Of The Book ' What The Fuck Did I Say '

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“What the fuck did I say, Juli,” Michael yelled, exasperated. “Tell me what the fuck I said so that I can apologize for it and have you back in my arms.”

Juli sniffed as she continued to stare down at her hands. She missed him, a lot. But what he said that night has been haunting her since she walked out of his house.

“You can not apologize for what you said, Michael,” Juli softly spoke. Michael’s heart constricted as he sensed the pain and brokenness in her voice. “Everything that you said that night was true.”

[Insert part of the night when Michael was drunk and told Juli how he didn’t need her to save him once written]

Michael shook his head, not wanting to believe that he said all of that nonsense. He loves her. He couldn’t have said that.

“Which leads to why I called you here,” Juli frowned, recalling the whole reason on why she called him. “I was offered a full-ride scholarship to New York University, and I accepted it.”

Michael gulped and nodded. New York University. That was two thousand four hundred and eight miles away from Arizona State University. He knew how much getting accepted there meant for her, and he wasn’t going to stop her.

“When do you leave?” As soon as he recognized the pity in her eyes, he regretted asking.

“I booked my airplane ticket for next week,” Juli answered, but quickly explained herself when she saw the hurt on his face. “I know that I hurt you for the past weeks, ignoring you because I thought that what I needed was time. But I…

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