Analysis Of The Book ' White ' And ' Anglo Saxon ' Essay

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The History of White People was such an interesting and intriguing book to read. This book is about race, especially the white race. Nell Irvin Painter, the author, writes this book to explain the history of the term “white”. People tend to categorize people by just black and white when there is so much more to it. Terms such as “Caucasian” and “Anglo-Saxon” are used often today to refer to white looking people. This book really traces the changing idea of who is considered white and why they are placed in that specific category. The idea tends to change over time depending on the where in the world you are located. The book is also focused on reviewing how whiteness has been defined by Europeans and European-Americans, mostly geared towards other groups of people who we tend to consider nowadays as white. Painter notes that most of the writers on the topic of white identity did not deal with the East Asians and Native Americans. The focus was more about whether Eastern European or Middle Eastern, even Irish or Italian people were white enough to join and be considered as an Anglo-Saxon because of their white identity. The basic overall idea of the book is revolved around how race has been understood in America since back in the colonial days and how the concept of race has been abused by bad science and used as a word of power by the more elite whites that came from one era after another. People have turned the word race into a negative rather than it being just another

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