Analysis Of The Book ' Whoa '

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She stared at the map on her lap. Whoa, China is really big. It’s pretty much the size of the United States! There are like a gazillion countries bordering it too like India, Russia, Mongolia, and North Korea. Oh, and would you look at that, the East China Sea is a sea that’s east of China and the South China Sea is a sea that’s south of China. They’re not very creative with these names are they? Rosemarie snorted to herself and accidently attracted the attention of some of the other passengers on the plane. She waved awkwardly with a sheepish smile and looked back down at the map. Whoops! I didn’t mean to do that. I can’t help that I’m so hilarious though. Ehehe... Anywho! China has a lot of physical landforms like the Yellow River,…show more content…
There’s also seven different climate regions, so you’ll need to be prepared with clothes for any weather--just in case you travel,” Rosemarie’s mom fretted, gathering all the clothing she thought her daughter would need while blathering on about the climate and weather of China in rapid Mandarin. “Please be sure to gather all of your belongings before exiting the plane. Thank you for flying with China Sky," the flight attendant announced, cutting through Rosemarie’s reminiscing. She popped out of her seat excitedly and hastily compiled all of her things. She hurriedly rushed through the lanes to get out of the plane and find her luggage at the deposit. Luckily, she arrived just in time to find her extra baggage that couldn’t come on the plane. Score! I didn’t have to wait forever to find my stuff! Rosemarie internally celebrated her success, but was interrupted by a huge sign that had “Rosemarie Zhang” written in large, bold letters on it. Whoa, wait. How do they know my name? Who are they? Rosemarie whipped out her phone and nervously called her mom. Maybe she sent someone for me? But whom? While she came up with conspiracy theories, her call was answered. “Hello?” Rosemarie heard the voice of her mom come through. “Mom! Why is there someone at the airport holding a sign with my name on it?” “Well, hello to you too. Also, in response to your question, I sent my friend’s son to go greet you since he lives near your dad anyway. He lived in America for
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