Analysis Of The Book ' Wooden On Leadership '

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Executive Summary The topic of leadership continues to attract several theoretical arguments as the practice of leadership varies depending on a variety of factors (Loveridge, 2014). However, the contributions made by John Wooden in transforming leadership are impeccable, with his many years as a basketball coach earning him admiration and success in equal measure. John Wooden, therefore, explains how leaders can get the maximum potential out of their followers through enhancing the individual abilities and shaping the personal efforts in a manner that guarantees personal peak performances and subsequent improvement of team or organizational performance. The book “Wooden on Leadership” is a revelation of the wisdom of the author in matters of leadership. Through the book, readers are able to acquire the essential facets of practical and theoretical leadership, as the author depicts a chronological method that he applied in ensuring that every person within his circle of influence obtained their goals. It presents the core methods, beliefs, concepts, and essentials that could guide leaders in teaching their teams on how to attain and maintain their competitive advantages (Wooden & Jamison, 2007). Besides, it focuses on heightening the personal success through giving audience to all members within the organizational or team work force. This paper discusses the main themes that John Wooden depicts. Through this analysis, the paper will look into the validity and…
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