Analysis Of The Book'schulz : Why I Despise The Great Gatsby '

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I have read and looked over your article titled “Schulz: Why I Despise The Great Gatsby,” and I must say that your article is thorough and teeming with great examples from the story. Before reading your article, I thought that The Great Gatsby is an amazing story that overshadows many other stories. Now I feel that the story needs improvement and that it is extremely dull. I am impressed on how you were able to read Gatsby five times, and I am in total agreement with you when you claim the story to be sacrosanct and hallowed. When my entire English class was told to read The Great Gatsby over our winter break, all I heard were people telling me that “the story is extravagant,” “the ending is tragic,” or that “it is the greatest story I have ever read.” And, while I agree that the story is beautifully written, I felt that it was decent and I do not believe that it is the holy grail of literature. But I must say, that the story did seem like “a single crystal, scrupulously polished,” it is overrated and too precise. Overall, The Great Gatsby is an excellent story with somewhat likeable characters. The story, to me, seemed to have many loose ends. I would to like know what happened to Tom and Daisy at the end of the story, but all that given was the confrontation between Nick and Tom to discover what Tom told George. I would have also liked more detail on Jordan’s sudden leave and to know more about why she married someone else. I feel that it is a beautifully written

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