Analysis Of The Boy Who Dared By Helmuth Huebner

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The Boy Who Did Going against what your parents tell you to do is scary, but imagine going against Hitler and his prestigious regime. In the book, The Boy Who Dared, it is 1933 in Germany. Helmuth Huebner is an eight year old german boy who was at first caught up in the hype of the Nazi Regime, but soon realized it is not how it seems to be. In 1938 Helmuth is 13 years old. This is when his viewpoint on the Nazi regime starts to take a turn in the opposite direction. He is scolded by his middle school teacher for disrespecting the Nazi flag. Later that night, he is scolded by his brother-in-law, who is a Nazi officer, for not writing his paper on how great the Nazis are. This makes him realize the Nazi are up to something else other than trying to save the country from inflation and starvation. His life continues to go downhill from this day on. The characters, events, and theme of the story make this a good book for people to understand how unfair life was back then and that history should never be repeated. The main character in the book, Helmuth Hubener, lives a life that is told in this book that makes it a really good read for anyone. His story specifically sets a good example on how people should never have to be treated unfairly again in this world. In the story it says, “Now it’s against the law to listen to foreign radio. “Such laws are necessary during war time.” says hugo brusquely. To protect the Fatherland. The enemy will stop at nothing to

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