Analysis Of ' The Bright Light, A Gift Of Hope, By Nick Traina

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anielle Steel is known to be among the most popular and highly esteemed authors in the world. She has written over ninety books that have found a market internationally. Among her novels include; His Bright Light, A Gift of Hope, Betrayal, First Sight, Nick Traina 's Life and Death, Big Girl, The Long Road Home, Southern Lights, and Winners among others. These books make her an icon to reckon with in the field of writing. However, many people have raised considerable critiques about her literary works because she writes almost related stories especially tragedies. Despite the critiques, she does not give up on her work because she believes that the message she is passing across is important for her readers. The readers have responded in kind and that is the reason why her books are best selling internationally.
Danielle Steel’s novel Winners is full of emotions evident in almost all the phases of the novel, which reveal both the horrific part of life and the resilience that one needs to overcome life challenges. Steel employs the use of a number of characters, who all play unforgettable roles throughout the novel. This not only makes the novel lively, but also imparts it with moral teachings to the readers. The book is characterized by tragedies that the characters need to overcome in order to discover themselves and conquer in life. The characters include Lily Thomas, Bill Thomas, Tim Matthews, Jessie Matthews, Joe, Carole and Teddy.
After the first shock that sees Lily…

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