Analysis Of The Business Operations Of Boeing Commercial Airplanes

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Analysis of the Business Operations of Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA)

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Date - 08/03/2015
Executive Summary

In this report the business operations of Boeing will be scrutinised, in particular, their commercial operations in the form of their subdivision company, Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA). Boeing produce an array of different products for both commercial and defence use, they also supply services both in terms of simulation and maintenance, predominantly in the defence sector. (The Boeing Company (1), 2015)
The bulk of their business relies on the production and sale of their commercial aircraft to airline companies, for this reason this study will focus on the commercial area.

Research has been undertaken into the operations of Boeing, this has on the whole been supplied by Boeing itself through their website or financial reports. Further information has been found from several reports analysing both the 787 Dreamliner’s failure and Boeing’s future market competiveness.
From this research it has been found that Boeing have two major problems. Firstly, the production of their aircraft and the amount of outsourcing utilised in the manufacture of a unit. (Hart-Smith, 2001) Secondly, the emergence of the Asian market and possibly upstart companies from both governments and private businesses across Asia in the single aisle market could restrict Boeing’s growth. (Harrison,…
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