What Do They Cover?

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What do they Cover?

Encyclopedia Britannica: The Encyclopedia Britannica provides a long and detailed account of China's development, history, and culture.

CIA World Factbook: The CIA's World Factbook largely covers Chinese economic, demographic and military statistics.

Wikipedia: Wikipedia covers China from a relatively large number of perspectives, including historical, cultural, economic, environmental and developmental information and statistics.

What don't they cover?

Encyclopedia Britannica: The Encyclopedia Britannica neglects to include a great deal of China's modern politics, current events, military data, and economy. These issues are discussed but only superficially. The site lacks much of the data and statistics found on other sites like the CIA World Factbook. Information and perspectives on modern Chinese culture and everyday life in China are mostly not addressed.
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The site provides very little context and detail on these issues. The limited information that is provided on China's history and culture is often negative, depicting a country with problems, little political freedom, and needing to pursue further
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