Analysis Of The Cartoon By Frankie Boyle

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Declination in American economic value has steadily taken over, without notice to the addictions that are the driving force. In the United States of America, the usage of petroleum, the production of petroleum to contend with erratic use, and the employment variance stemming from this industry have become a dependence that is slowly killing our nation. In the cartoon published by Frankie Boyle he uses the statue of liberty and petroleum, as a symbol of a drug addict and their dependency of their used substance, to demonstrate America’s problem with petroleum and the war in Iraq. America is represented by the statue of liberty, littered with injection holes and a belt wrapped around her arm, preparing for the next hit. When Lady Liberty injects herself with the next fix, she is slowly destroying herself. In which, Boyle is attempting to portray American society and our economic structure is slowly decaying, collapsing on itself. It is believed that the only reason America is at war with Iraq is to make sure that petroleum is guaranteed to be imported into the country. Most of the everyday products being used by our society are produced solely from petroleum. Our civilization typically doesn’t understand the risk that goes into keeping our nation as a whole, content. Whether it be, our military fighting, for a so-called “freedom,” or the 162,000 employed in the oil and gas industry in America, sacrifices are being made. There are many that believe, that our military is

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