Analysis Of ' The Cave Wall '

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Social media, it is our modern cave wall, the cave wall paintings have shown us that even early man have wanted to create an identity through art, even though we don not have knowledge of the individual(s) identity, we know of their existence. Throughout humanity the image can be viewed as a conceptual idea, the actual capturing an image, making this object has only been around for 170 years, however are brains have the ability to capture images, not only that it can capture images and renders them into dreams. This imaginary ‘visions’ are our own and are completely unreal, but can be the realist part of our day, Plato talked about our exposure to the world, are concept of the world can be imaginary, it may not be real, but when confined to our own imagination it cant be any less real. Photography has a deeper meaning than taking an image, we want to photograph so we can see, we want to photograph to capture imaginations and share what we have found. Photography beyond the lens, is probably the most important part of photography, the moment that we capture an image, that moment can 't be relived, may never nor should. But the idea of photography to capture that moment allows us to share our experience with others, we already have, so why should we not allow another to experience what we have. Taking an image allows others to see what you have seen, therefore capturing an image we ‘photograph’ ourselves. “The Image is now a recored of a meeting between the photographer and
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