Analysis Of The Celtic Queen Boudicca Of The Iceni

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The Celtic Queen Boudicca of the Iceni earned her place in the history books as a hero of British lore in the years 60 and 61 C.E. After the passing of her husband and king, Prasutagus, the Roman army invaded the new Queen’s land and humiliated her, taking property, raping her daughters, and publicly flogging the Queen herself. Following this crime against humanity, Queen Boudicca vowed to destroy the Roman presence on the Isle of Great Britain. After a year of preparation, Boudicca marched into Roman territory with an army of 230,000. Boudicca “famously succeeded in defeating the Romans in three great battles” before the Roman governor Gaius Paulinus put down the revolt, “executing thousands of Iceni and taking the rest as slaves”…show more content…
Mr. Dahmer definitely intended to kill his victims, and something tells me that 9/11 wasn’t an accident, but what about Tornadoes and other natural disasters? These are not intentional acts, but the product of many variables like temperature, wind direction, season, and many other things. This narrows our definition of evil, but only slightly. Non-human objects or events cannot be “evil”, but the whole of humanity is left to be discussed. Ask any American to describe terrorists and likely the first word used will be Evil. Of course they are considered evil, the 9/11 attacks resulted in thousands of deaths yet the perpetrators gleamed with pride due to their actions. Despite this, terrorists cannot be placed in the category of pure evil simply due to their reason for their actions, as modern terrorists receive motivation from multiple political and social factors that in themselves can be considered evil. How can someone fighting a perceived evil wear the label of evil themselves? The phrase ‘serial killer’ might as well be a synonym for evil. Even the mention of names like Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy can induce chills down one’s back. People like these two show no remorse for planning out and executing multiple murders for reasons as simple as personal satisfaction. However, an unseen force other than Evil works on the minds of people like Jeffrey Dahmer: Mental Illness. The brain holds immense potential, but it’s dark side
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