Analysis Of The Central Subject Of Wuthering Heights By Emily Bronte

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Midterm Paper The central subject of Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte is the love between Heathcliff and Catherine. The novel sets the narrative up for Edgar Linton 's proposal to Catherine by having Catharine get bit by the Linton 's dog and then having her stay at Thrushcross Grange. During this time, she is learning how to be a proper lady all while becoming closer with the Linton 's. The novel sets the narrative up for Catherine 's death by showing Catherine 's relationship between Edgar and Heathcliff. Although, Catherine is married to Edgar she still has Heathcliff come around because she can 't be apart from him. This exceptionally shows during Catherine 's death when Heathcliff decides to stay with her, even though he knows Edgar is coming. The1998 film adaptation reveals the same central subject, however, it includes slightly different information and tools to portray the subject. In the novel WH, Catherine enters the room and appears to be disturbed and anxious. Catherine tells Nelly how Edgar Linton asked her to marry him, but she is looking to Nelly for what the right answer may be. She finally comes out and tells Nelly that she has accepted him. Nelly proceeds to ask Catherine why she loves Edgar, Catherine 's response is because he is handsome, pleasant to be with, young and cheerful, and because he loves me. Catherine finally gets to the point that Edgar is rich. In her soul and heart, she is convinced she made the wrong decision. Catherine explains how she

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