Analysis Of The Character Maureen Johnson From The Musical Rent

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This paper focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of the character Maureen Johnson from the musical Rent. The story of Rent takes place in New York City in the 1990s and focuses on a group of young adults as they struggle for success while staying true to their beliefs and their relationships with one another (Columbus, 2005). Through her interaction with the other characters and beliefs about herself, Maureen’s psychopathology becomes evident.
Character Biography
Maureen Johnson is a performer who lives in New York City and is in a relationship with Joanne Jefferson (Columbus, 2005). She previously dated a man named Mark but left him for Joanne. She cheated on Mark and has also cheated on Joanne. She convinced both Mark and Joanne to stay with her after they found out about her infidelity by calling them pet names and making empty promises. Maureen also forced Mark and Joanne to meet one another because she wanted Mark to fix the sound equipment for one of her performances and Joanne was at the venue already. Maureen promised to be there but never showed up and expected the two of them to help her despite her absence.
The performance which she held was a protest against the forced removal of homeless individuals from a tent city in a previously unused lot (Columbus, 2005). She was asked several times not to hold her protest by a former friend of hers, Benny, who was the landlord of the buildings next to the lot. However, she refused and went along…

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